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The American Miniature Jersey Association & Registry was founded in 2000 and has compiled one of the largest data bases of American and Canadian Miniature Jerseys. We are an organization for registering and furthering the Miniature Jersey Breed. We are a Registry for the people and for the betterment of the Miniature Jersey Breed. This Registry is about the preservation of our beloved Miniature cows and those people that have dedicated their lives to breeding them. We welcome new members and encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about the breed or registering your cows. Enjoy our site and welcome!

About Miniature Jerseys

About Miniature Jerseys

About Miniature Jerseys

About Miniature Jerseys

Homestead Miniature Jerseys create a tradition that spans generations and lasts for lifetimes...

     Owning a Miniature Jersey milk cow will teach family values.  Families working together with pride to learn where food products come from and help the family to be self sustaining.

     A family milk cow can produce milk, cream, butter, many varieties of cheese and ice cream as well as providing milk for additional calves for meat production and the whole range of excellent cuts and variety of healthy meat products.

     A family milk cow can truly be a profitable investment when handled properly and taken full advantage of what she has to offer, this becomes a win, win situation for the proud owners.

     Getting back to the family values, these gentle cattle are great teaching tools for parents and grand parents to show children and grand children how to produce healthy sources of food that they can pass own to their own families.  Children learn responsibility and get to experience the pride in raising and milking their very own family cow.  These little cows not only make excellent 4H projects but become like family members each with their own personality.

     Miniature Jerseys are a very special breed, the smallest of those from the channel Islands.  They have some unusual features and a remarkable ability to adapt to extreme climates, especially to those far hotter than they ever experienced on the isolated Jersey Isle.

     The ideal Miniature Jersey's general appearance should be small in size - being 38" to 44", or a mid size being 45" to 48" at the wither or the point of the hip. (Hook)  The milk will be higher in butterfat and between 2-4 gallons. (17.2-34.4 lbs) per day depending on the quality of pasture, hay and supplemented feed.  The ideal Bull will weigh around 850lbs and a adult cow between 600-700lbs.

     The face of the Jersey is noticeably dished (con caved) along with the typical mealy or deer muzzle and a pale halo surrounds the darker skin of the nose. This dairy breed is short horned and sometimes polled.  The whole style of the Jersey is dainty, aristocratic and almost deer like and very few of the worlds cattle have this quality or have calves that are so like a fawn.

     Jersey colors include tawny red, yellow, pale fawn, lemon fawn, smoky fawn, grey fawn, silver to frosty grey, brown, dun or black and these could be solid colors or broken by separate spots of white that can be either large or small.

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