Welcome to our New Fee Schedule page.  As you'll notice, we have a whole new fee schedule with the life time member in mind. AMJA is here for the long hall to preserve the history of our beautiful little cows and to make the registration of them user friendly.

Having problems or just need something clarified?  Just drop us a line or give us a jingle on the phone!  amjaregistry@gmail.com  605-491-0651

Lifetime Membership

$200 for a single membership

$250 for a family membership 



Transfer Form

$20 for AMJA Lifetime Members

$40 for Non-Members



Registration Up to 6 Months

$12.50 AMJA  for Lifetime Member

$25.00 for Non-Members



Registration Over 6 Months

$25.00 AMJA for Lifetime Member

$50.00 for Non-Members



 Permanent Status (3 Years +)

$7.50 AMJA  for Lifetime Member

$15.00 for Non-Members



Blank Pedigree Tree

Print this form out and fill in to provide a family tree.



Miscellaneous Fees:  Duplicate or Lost Certificates    $20.00

                                       Expedited Processing                $25.00

Miniature Cattle Height Requirements

                Miniatures are 44” and under measured at the hook

                Mid Size are 45” to  48” measured at the hook

                Standard is over 48” and over.  They are registered as breeding stock


All registrations must be legible, filled out completely and accompanied by a check for the correct amount. A digital photo of the animal MUST be (mailed to amjaregistry@gmail.com) with the animal’s registered name in the subject line or it will not be processed.

Mail Checks and Registrations to:  AMJA&R , PO Box 686, Herreid, SD 57632

Phone 605-491-0651   Email :  amjaregistry@gmail.com

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