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Mini Jersey Sale Corral


Posted 4/12/20

A2A2 Bull Calf

Born 1/21/2020. Heterozygous polled. Negative for chondro. 24" at 4 days old. Both Parents are under 40.5". 


Salinas, CA

Jersey stock7.jpg

Posted 3/15/2009

A1A1 Cow



City, State

Jersey stock6.jpg

Posted 4/2/2011

A1A2 Heifer



City, State


All posts are submitted by the owners and they are responsible for verifying and giving the correct information.  This is just a tool for buyers to use in finding what is out there. AMJA is not responsible for making sure all information is correct. Any and all information on this website is not to be recreated elsewhere without written permission from the animal's owner.  ~AMJA

**All sale posts will be dated the day they are posted and will be removed in 30 days unless the owner contacts AMJA asking for a renewal. It is also the responsibility of the owner to inform AMJA if the animal sells prior to the 30 days**

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